UnifiedPost signs contract for sectoral e-invoicing platform with Assuralia

Efficient working for the assurance sector

Terhulpen, March 29th 2017 - Assuralia is the umbrella organization for Belgian insurers and in that capacity defends the interests of its members and monitors trends and innovations. For several years, Assuralia has been looking closely into several e-invoice products. In recent years, the supply of electronic invoicing, under pressure from customer demand, the advance of new technologies and the availability of new portable devices (smartphone and tablet) has grown significantly.

Within that context, in 2014 the Assuralia Productivity Committee established an action plan considering the digitization of documents and procedures within Belgian insurers. One of the projects was realized at the end of 2016: a unique sector-wide multi-channel portal for the digital transmission and payment of premium advice notes. This portal should serve as an interface for receiving premium advice notes in a standardized electronic format, which are then forwarded to the existing environments (PC Banking, BilltoBox ...) or to an agreed solution (Secure Email , app ...). This particular insurance portal will also offer new digital solutions that take better account of the needs of the policyholder. 

The board of directors of Assuralia gave their agreement on the proposal of the Productivity Committee to conclude a sectoral agreement with UnifiedPost, which has developed a solution that meets the requirements listed in the tendering. Since late 2016, the exclusive Memorandum of Understanding is signed between Assuralia and UnifiedPost

“We are very pleased to be selected as the exclusive partner for Assuralia” Luc Caubergh from UnifiedPost says. “Due to our experience and so-called one-stop-shop approach we can deliver a full range of products and services. From document to successful payment in a click.” 

The platform offers many advantages for insurance companies, such as: preferential rates, less need for additional IT-developments (the platform provides a standardized transmission format), better accounting reconciliation, an alternative to rising postage costs, lower storage and handling costs and freedom in the choice of e-invoicing. Additionally this portal offers a new commercial dimension in the sense that "e-invoicing" can also be beneficial for the overall image of the industry.

About UnifiedPost
UnifedPost was founded in 2000 and has grown very swiftly over the last years. UP started as a platform for document management. But over the years, UnifedPost has acquired several companies towards the group of companies we are today. We have over 200 people working across Europe on a BPaaS platform based upon the basic components Document, Payment, Identity, all available in their own community. Our confidence in UnifiedPost is built on the belief that by focusing on smart Fintech solutions, platforms and ecosystems, we are creating broad business opportunities that matter. Our technology changes the way people work and allow them to fully exploit the forces of digital technology to ultimately make the world a better place.  

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