Asperitas Immersed Computing allows for 500% of IT in the same footprint or reduces 45% energy for an average hosting platform.

Asperitas is a clean-tech company focused on greening the datacentre industry by introducing Immersed Computing®.

With self contained and plug ‘n play Immersed Computing(TM), Asperitas enables all datacentres, cloud providers and IT operators of any scale to achieve the highest possible efficiency in availability, energy reduction and reuse while increasing capacity without spending more.

Asperitas Immersed computing is a clean, self-contained, modular and plug and play approach to liquid cooling which enables high density computing while reducing IT and cooling energy. (patents pending)

Since 2014, Asperitas has worked on validating and developing Immersed Computing as a unique approach to the data centre industry. Building on existing liquid immersion cooling technologies by adding integration of power and network components, improving cooling physics with a strong focus on design and engineering for usability, Asperitas has come up with a complete and integrated solution which can be effectively utilised in most, if not all situations.

The simplicity of Asperitas Immersed Computing greatly reduces the downtime of IT and enables the reuse of 100% of the IT energy as heated water.

The Asperitas development partners include Leeds University, Aircraft Development and Systems Engineering (ADSE), Super Micro, Schleifenbauer and Brink Industrial. Asperitas is furthermore recognised and supported by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency as a promising new Cleantech company.

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