Mindbreeze GmbH constitutes a subsidiary of Fabasoft AG, the premier Austrian-based software company serving the needs of small and large businesses and public institutions. The Mindbreeze product family comprises three software applications.

Mindbreeze InSite provides an always-on cloud application that transforms website search into a powerful contextual marketing and insight discovery tool, using advanced semantics and a simple copy-and-paste embed codes. The Mindbreeze InSite function creates contextual search result pages (SRPs) that maintain your website's brand identity, page layout and advertising inventories.

Mindbreeze Cognition provides company-wide access to all online information, including full-text semantic indexing of 400-plus file types as well as data from e-mail systems, file systems, databases, document management systems, intranets, and affiliate websites, blogs, wikis, and social network fanpages and profiles (imagine that: semantic content mashups of user linkedin profiles with your sites content!).

Mindbreeze Enterprise constitutes an on-premise software application that extends full-text search of core data systems (ERP, databases, CRM, PIM, e-mail, document management systems, shared file systems, FTP, etc.) to mobile devices such as iOS, Android and Windows Mobile and any browser-enabled PC.

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